About Us

luxury abounds was founded after a good friend passed away and we were asked by the family if we would help sell the contents of her estate. We scoured local markets and the internet and  found lots of consignment companies and a few online auction companies.  We tried most of them and what we found was poor customer service and high commission fees. We could understand the high commission fee, but not when coupled with the poor customer service we experienced.
Of the consignment places, we noticed they only took current designer items which left us with lots of items we could not sell. The online auction houses took everything and everything, making sorting through all the “junk” a little daunting. So we thought there was an under served market for current and vintage designer items, like clothing, shoes, accessories and home decor and luxury abounds was created.
At luxury abounds we are not striving to be the biggest, but rather the best in terms of customer service, packaging, shipping, and so much more.
At only 25% our initial consignment fee is the lowest, that we have been able to find, on the open market. We provide consignment services for everything from single item sales, to closet clean-outs, to full estate sales. Items can be mailed to us or if you are in our local market we can come to you. We will also travel for larger commissions and estate services.
We hope you will think of luxury abounds for your next consignment or estate needs.